Sean E. Conroy

All images courtesy the artist “The Buddha said, ‘It’s the not seeing of this suffering that keeps us bound,’” quotes…

The New Normal

Don’t look now folks, but corporate profits are at an all time high while fewer Americans are working than at…

Dance Round Robin

I’ve come to the realization that dance is probably the most life affirming art form of all. It lives within the cadence of one’s breath in relation to a heartbeat; the movements executed represent the core actions that epitomize existence. Dance provides an opportunity to flirt with primal urges while sizing up a potential mate, which reminds me that I need to take my girl dancing on the regular.

Glenford Nunez

With seemingly little mentoring, or outside direction, at 24 years old, Glenford has broken into the New York agency scene through shear determination. In fact, the agencies send ir models to his studio here in Baltimore. Granted, Glenford’s work has yet to grace the pages of any major magazines, what’s impressive is that he’s going after his vision and accomplishing his goals in what seems like record time.