Humans are bacteria. Or at least that’s one of the first notions presented on the first track of rapper Cubbiebear’s latest album, “Force Back To Sleep”. “Force Back To Sleep”…

Occupy Baltimore

  Written by Justin Allen Photos by David Frey Photos and interviews by Matt Kelley If you’re wondering what possible effect the Occupy Baltimore demonstrations could have on society at…

What Makes Us Smile?

When asked how he felt about Baltimore and the AVAM Matt had this to say. “Baltimore is amazing. Historically it is amazing, you can’t go wrong with Edgar
Allan Poe and H.L. Mencken I think it’s a beautiful city and for me as a visitor
this (The AVAM) is the center of Baltimore, and it’s not as violent as the wire

The Last Maynard Fest

Cycle Space and The Last Maynard Fest Each of us has our circles. The social framework in which we exist is constructed by blood, geography and our tolerance for peculiar…