Welcome Home Ouija

Posted on October 26, 2011

Robert Murch, the world’s foremost expert, took us to Ouija school tonight. He told us about the history of the Ouija Board and how it was concieved, born, and manufactured here in good ol Mobtown from the 1880s until the mid 1960s. He showed off about twenty of the boards he brought down from Boston. He has five hundred in his collection at home. He made mention of the Ouija Board’s impact on the entertainment industry; 130 movies, 66 TV episodes, and many refrences in songs and musical acts. Morrisey’s…

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Mobtown Microshow: Celebration

Posted on January 27, 2011

Story by Brett Yale of Bmore Musically Informed. Last Thursday’s Microshow was a spiritually intimate performance by Celebration, one of my favorite musical tribes from Baltimore. I could tell you about how Sean Antanaitis’ vintage organ’s notes lead way, while David Bergander’s cosmically calculated drumming owned the beat and Katrina Ford’s thoughtful and gentle vocals entranced those who filled the tiny space (not to mention Walker and Tony‘s contributions), but I suppose it’d be more interesting for me to start from the beginning…

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