The 2nd Annual Alley Aerial Festival

Photos by Tedd Henn.

The Alley Aerial Festival is a group performance organized by In-Flight Theater’s award winning aerial artist Mara Neimanis. The festival takes place in an alley behind Load of Fun Studios that’s serves as a giant canvas for graffiti artists.

Imagine performers hoisted in the air and suspended by industrial sculptures and rigging, set against the vibrantly painted walls of an alley covered in street art. Here are the makings of a one-of-a-kind event that is nothing less than mesmerizing.

Mara Neimanis and Tim Scofield presented an original clown performance for the festival. They’re both pictured here on an aerial sculpture constructed by Tim Scofield.

Archane Aerial Arts is a DC based performance duo that literally dances when aloft and lends depth to aerial acrobatics. Makes you wonder if their outfits were designed specifically for the alley, doesn’t it?

Echo practices a form of acrobatics known as aerial silk or aerial contortion. Maneuvers such as climbing, falling and swinging are accomplished by wrapping the body within the fabric and using the tension as leverage.

We first saw Eric Gorsuch performing as Mr. Gorgeous with Trixie Little and The Evil Hate Monkey at the Ottobar months ago. As well as being an aerial acrobat, Eric is a multi-faceted circus performer who also coaches both ground and aerial acts.

And speaking of Trixie Little and The Evil Hate Monkey , few circus themed festivals would be complete without Baltimore’s favorite bawdy, burlesque duo. They frame their acrobatic performances within comedy routines that have made them a favorite in Charm City.

Oops! How did that photo get in there? Sorry about that folks, we’ll have to be a little more careful.

Photos by Tedd Henn.