Adam Scott Miller

All images courtesy Adam Scott Miller When you first encounter the work of Adam Scott Miller,  it immediately becomes clear…

Baltimore at SXSW

There are times in this life when one is pulled in a particular direction for reasons unknown.  What Weekly’s spur-of-the-moment…

Alley Aerial Fest 2011

Graffiti Alley in Station North is a veritable gallery of work by some of Baltimore’s less than conventional visual artists….

Manifest: Retrospect

Do not adjust your monitors, there is nothing wrong with your screen. Photographer Phil Laubner captured these images by seemingly…

Malaise and Malaria

The big hope for Westerners in the past few centuries was the idea that things would just keep getting better and better for us. Unfortunately, unless I’m missing something, that curve of well-being has stopped bending and started sagging—badly. While a great mass of humanity has gotten out from under the thumbs of some kings, the only way for many to pay the rent now may be to work for the king whose first name is “Burger.”

Education Rethunk

The first short film in a series that deconstructs “the education problem” in the US by looking at it through the lens of culture. Yeah, I know, I know…whatever THAT means. Hey, just check it out—we might just be onto something here. You never know.