It was a long trip from cultural ground zero in Schenectady, but ultimately, I settled in Baltimore. Despite years spent in New England, London and New York, the seamy-sweet tang of Baltimore’s culture sucked me right in. It felt palpable and compelling. In decline since before the riots and abandonment of the sixties, Baltimore careened like its old streetcars around the curves the late twentieth century threw at it. Successful in the past, it was now a drunken uncle rebelling his way toward retirement.

Intuitive Insight: So What

Part 4—the final short film in this series about intuitive insight and the cultural impediments to becoming the innovation powerhouse the US has planned for itself. Sure, we’re talking about brains and culture and other pointy-headed stuff here, but I’m trying some other things here—experimental non-fiction. Some nice flowers for ya’ll.

Axis Alley Project

The Axis Ally project is an ambitious undertaking by MICA sculpture professor Sarah Doherty to transform an alley behind a…

Fishbone Documentary

“Everyday Sunshine: The Story of Fishbone” – documentary trailer from Tilapia Film on Vimeo. Everyday Sunshine is a documentary about…