The thing with Bethany Dinsick is that she’s been through so much and still manages to do more than most people ever attempt. What some people would consider a handicap, she fancies a catalyst. Where some people play it safe, she experiments like mad. This is the magic, the quiet strength, that has already made her a prolific artist and musician at 26 years old.

It is these kind of imaginative, playful, socially-conscious, boundary-pushing experiences that breathe life into the people, give meaning to art and work, and force us to reckon with ourselves so as to ensure we all evolve a little bit before we die.

This is why I love Baltimore. You never know when you’ll find outlandish performers in full costume, decked to the nines, wandering the streets outside an oddly shaped glass building where you just heard an array of sounds you never thought was possible – all for an event most people in Baltimore will miss because it’s an all night ordeal, starting with a drum circle at 9pm and wrapping up at sunrise. Now that’s a mouthful.