Bosley’s Neon Magazine

Bosley (the artist formerly known as Tommy Tucker) just released a remarkable new video for Neon Magazine, first single from his forthcoming album, Honey Pig. The CD release show will be this Saturday, August 27th, at the Ottobar. Get tickets and details.

The stellar production value of this video is thanks to Digital Cave Media, gorgeous camera work to Michael Patrick O’Leary and outstanding direction by Matt Riggieri and Bosley. Let’s not forget the ever-charming Paco Fish who not only helped cast the production, but who also is a first-rate actor and entertainer. The video concept was conceived by Bosley, who clearly has Charlie Chaplin, Benny Hill and silly, slapsticky sexiness on the brain.

I was asked by the wardrobe stylist for the shoot, the incomparable Julie Bent, to take part in what I would soon find out was a pretty sophisticated production. On Saturday, February 12, 2011, Area 405 in Station North was wholly transformed into a 1920’s late night lounge where all the seedy stories about sex, drugs and
jazz took are born.

The video can speak for itself. And if you like what you see here, check out Bosley, with Egg Babies Orchestra, The Bellevederes, Victoria Vox and St.even at the Ottobar this Saturday (8/27) at 7pm.

For a good read: One of the main dancers, Bunny Vicious, recounts her experience of the making of Neon Magazine in the Examiner article, Tommy Tucker is Dead.

Music Video for Neon Magazine Credits: Written by Bosley, Directed by Matt Riggieri and Bosley, Camera by Michael Patrick O’Leary, Produced by Digital Cave Media.

Behind the Scene Photos

Bosley’s Neon Magazine Video Shoot: February 12, 2011
by Brooke Hall

Bunny Vicious, Victoria Vox, Stella Sweet & Pati Cake.

Paco Fish

Sofia Rutka & lady friend

Bosley with trombone player, Micah De La Huerta of The Bellevederes, Tiffany DeFoe and  Sean Beier on tuba also from The Bellevederes.

Paco Fish & Sofia Rutka

Paco Fish & Sofia Rutka

Bunny Vicious, Stella Sweet, Victoria Vox.

Bunny Vicious, Stella Sweet, Bosley

Bunny Vicious, Victoria Vox, Stella Sweet

Micah De La Huerta of The Bellevederes

Bunny Vicious, Victoria Vox, Stella Sweet, Pati Cake




The set up – Digital Cave Media

Stella Sweet, Bunny Vicious  & Tiffany DeFoe

Madison Bell, make-up artist

Bosley, Justin Sabe and sailors


Wardrobe stylist and fashion designer, Julie Bent and dancers Victoria Vox and Stella Sweet.

Sofia Rutka

Bunny Vicious recounts her experience of the making of Neon Magazine in the Examiner article, Tommy Tucker is Dead.

Sofia Rutka


Tim and Brooke

The Cast