Intuitive Insight: So What

Part 4—the final short film in this series about intuitive insight and the cultural impediments to becoming the innovation powerhouse the US has planned for itself. Sure, we’re talking about brains and culture and other pointy-headed stuff here, but I’m trying some other things here—experimental non-fiction. Some nice flowers for ya’ll.


“Nothing is static. We are ever changing.” That is the tagline for Baltimore-based Deep Vision Dance Company’s latest performance, FLUX,…

The 2nd Annual Alley Aerial Festival

Imagine performers hoisted in the air and suspended by industrial sculptures and rigging, set against the vibrantly painted walls of an alley covered in street art. Here are the makings of a one-of-a-kind event that is nothing less than mesmerizing.

What To Delete: Pt. 2

In the digital world, space is pretty cheap these days. I can backup my laptop for 6 months for what it costs to spend an evening out. I don’t care about Google’s storage issues so I don’t even bother to delete emails I’m not interested in; I just ignore them. But I do notice that when I take the time to actually select a file and trash it, it feels good. In fact, it feels increasingly good…

What Party: 2000’s Edition

Last Friday, What Weekly & Lineup Room Recording Studio took over The Crown with kickass jams from the early 2000’s. Catch what you missed in the photos below.