Visionary Gathering II

Posted on May 19, 2010 by Philip Laubner

The famed and wonderfully talented photographer Philip Laubner.

It seems this past weekend Soul Mob Productions and Telesma were up to their usual antics again at Visionary Gathering II. Sources at the scene say that there was a party at Sonar of epic proportions and many of those in attendance are still afflicted with residual bouts of giddiness and satisfaction.

Photo by Erica Hinson Denny aka artfisch.

Moko Will and artfisch– one of the most bad a^* photographers around.

The organizers of this event have some nerve putting on a multi-media extravaganza that wasn’t only highly entertaining but cathartic as well. How dare they inspire people to move in time to beats being created by some of the most innovative and up-lifting dance musicians on the planet for an evening of unbridled exuberance and fellowship?

Photo by Erica Hinson Denny aka artfisch.

Johnny, Ru, and friend. If you know his name, tell us!

Photo by Erica Hinson Denny aka artfisch.

Zeal and Sarah. Body art by Divine Gypsy Designs.

Photo by Erica Hinson Denny aka artfisch.

Artist Toby S Verhines cubed.

We can see what’s happening here. The Visionary Gatherings are set to be a cultural phenomenon that has the potential to raise the bar for what one might expect from an evening at your friendly neighborhood nightclub.

Photo by Erica Hinson Denny aka artfisch.

Ian Hesford brings the twang during a rhythmic assault with his kubing, a mouth harp originally from the Philippines and the first type of mouth harp known to exist. Hesford and his band Telesma created a hypnotic stew during Saturday’s Visionary Gathering. Their audience has come to expect nothing less.

Caption and photo by Philip Laubner.

Joanne Berman Juskus of Telesma basks in the light of a transcendent performance during the show. Telesma is set to premier their concert DVD, ‘Hearing Visions Live’ at The Senator Theater June 19.

Caption and photo by Philip Laubner.

While on stage, Adam Scott Miller utilizes a headlamp to help illuminate his mystic and mysterious painting during the show. Miller got his BFA in Illustration from the Maryland Institute College of Art and his MFA in painting from the Massachusetts College of Art.

Caption and photo by Aaron Krosner.

Zach Morehouse and Visionary Gathering producer Neil Kurland on stage at Sonar. Morehouse’s concert footage and work has been featured on the Travel Channel, Rolling Stone’s web site, Gutter and SEN magazines. Morehouse is also the filmmaker behind Telesma’s soon to be released concert DVD, ‘Hearing Visions Live.’

Caption and photo by Philip Laubner.

DJ Neil Kurland during lift off on Saturday night at the Visionary Gathering at Sonar. Neil along with Grace Walter (who just happens to be in the front row, second woman to the left of his foot) are the forces behind Soul Mob Productions. Soul Mob has taken on the monumental task of producing the Visionary Gatherings and have done so expertly.

Kurland, formerly known as DJ Knowledge, has been an omnipresent force in the Baltimore music scene for over a decade.

Caption and photo by Philip Laubner.

Josh Melton, Clay Williamson, Nicole Mert, CJ Mcaboy and Billy Reed.

Josh Melton wins this week’s highly coveted and prestigious ‘Though You Look Like You’re Wasted In This Picture It’s Only Because You Closed Your Eyes When The Flash Went Off and We Can Attest to the Fact that You Handled Yourself Quite Well At This Point In The Night’ award. Congratulations, you’ve earned it.

Simon Pulsford aka Shpongle blesses the audience and leads the charge during Saturday night’s Visionary Gathering II: Deep in the Shpongle at Sonar.

Caption and photo by Philip Laubner.

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