To Wed

On Saturday July 9th, I hatched a plan to surprise the love of my life with a party to commemorate her birthday and to surprise her with the ring I should have given her long ago. It was a dynamic plan with many moving parts and key players, to whom, we are forever indebted.

Rock Opera Double Feature

Baltimore Rock Opera Society (BROS) is playing now – Fri, Sat and Sun until June12th. Check out how they put on a Double Feature and renovated an abandoned Showtime Theatre on 25th St simultaneously.

New Brotopia

This Friday is opening night for the Baltimore Rock Opera Society’s run of a double feature consisting of two original productions, Amphion and The Terrible Secret of Lunastas. The show will run at the Autograph Playhouse (formerly the showtime) at 9 West 25th Street. The two shows will run until June 12th.

Transmodern Festival 2011

The attempt to homogenize American society into easily categorized markets in which those who assimilate are rewarded has left us lacking authentic traditions that bind local cultures into strong communities. It’s these traditions that are the lasting foundations for a society, not the ones legislated by congress and condoned by corporate America due to their potential for catchy slogans and convenient merchandising. Somewhere there are men and women wearing uncomfortable suits, sitting around a conference table debating the marketability of a holiday commemorating Osama bin Laden’s death and whether or not a video game would be considered in poor taste and if so, would that hurt the sales of said video game.

Hoodoo Dance Party

Conjuration, my friends. That’s the word for the day. Whether or not you believe in the supernatural, I’m here to tell you that everyone has experienced an occasion in which they were moved by an unknown spirit of sorts. It’s the energy in a room that pervades when we completely forget ourselves and submit to the moment. It’s when we are surrounded by like-minded comrades and engaged in some semblance of ritual that these experiences have the potential to be transformative, transcendent, and at times, magical.

Dance Round Robin

I’ve come to the realization that dance is probably the most life affirming art form of all. It lives within the cadence of one’s breath in relation to a heartbeat; the movements executed represent the core actions that epitomize existence. Dance provides an opportunity to flirt with primal urges while sizing up a potential mate, which reminds me that I need to take my girl dancing on the regular.