Ian Hesford

Posted on April 28, 2012

As most know by now, last Friday, April 20th, Telesma band member Ian Hesford experienced a heart attack while on stage at the Visionary Solstice Gathering. Ian is improving everyday….

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Posted on June 2, 2011

Recently the first ever Scapescape Festival was held at the GSpot and Ruintown in Hampden. The lineup featured an impressive collection of some of Baltimore’s most notable independent acts including Dan Deacon, Arboretum, Celebration…

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Erica Hinson Denny

Posted on November 25, 2010

She said, “we are flowers of one garden” and we’re left to wonder if she knew how profound those words would be to us now. Erica Hinson Denny (aka Artfisch) leaves behind a loving family and a community of friends and admirers who have been deeply touched by her light. Her ability to see the world with a singular vision and relay that to others in an entirely unique and sincere way makes the time we had with her that much more precious. She was gifted in the sense that she was the conduit that enabled others to see and feel from an entirely new perspective. The world through her eyes bursts with color and light and often reveals the better spirit in all of us. For this, we are grateful for having known her.

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