Primal Guerrilla Marketing

Breakout Drumming in West Mt. Vernon Park

How’s this for a social experiment…

1. Fill a couple duffel bags full of drums and percussion.

2. Show up unannounced to Baltimore’s premier, outdoors concert series.

3. Make music with the people.

I had never attempted this, but the further I travel down my musical path a certain mantra strengthens with each experience:

“Trust In The Drum.”

That’s exactly what I did—and it’s never let me down. Check out the proof!

WTMD’s 1st Thursdays was a perfect opportunity to promote Hot August Blues and Beatwell.

More importantly, it was a perfect opportunity to promote how simple it is to spread joy and build community with strangers.

And perhaps in the process, I minted a 21st century marketing strategy using ancient wisdom.

Not bad for a day in the park.

Jordan Goodman, M.S. is a professional musician and mental health therapist. He shares Beatwell Playshops in schools, businesses, mental health clinics, senior centers and more—promoting the healing effects of group music-making.

Photos and Video by Athina Koulatsos