We Did It!

Well folks, it was a nail biter, but we made our goal of raising $10,000 to help keep What Weekly alive!

We wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who contributed to our campaign. Every donation, big and small had a part in making this three month effort a success!

Over the next month, we will be hard at work planning September’s FritzBomb Dance Party, making T-shirts and bumper stickers, planning  for the Super Special House Party, as well as looking for Recipe’s for our Private Dinner!

Here’s our hilarious film noir spoof that our talented friends helped us make to draw some attention to our crowdfunding campaign.

What Weekly: A True Baltimore Love Story from Brooke Hall on Vimeo.


And so, it is will our deepest heartfelt gratitude that we thank the following folks who helped make our fundraising campaign a success: 

Garrett Adler
Rahne Alexander & Kristen Anchor
Kristen Anchor
Sarah A Austin
Lyssandra Barbieri
Lisa Beach
Max + Julie Bent
Jason Bender
Lee Boot
Amanda Boutwell
Mike Brenner
Jane Brown
Natalya Brusilovsky
Scott Burkholder
Shaun, Sheila and Jack Callahan
John Cammack
Brad Cartwright
Ellen Cherry
Eric Church
Betsy Collie
Christopher Coletta
Christian Crowley
Jason Cross
Chris Daley
Louise Darnell
Peter Davis
Peter Davis
Tiffany Defoe
Stephanie Dickard
Jed Dodds
Dan and Amanda Dorsey
Tomas Drgon
Katy Dubina
Thomas Edwards
Effervescent Collective
Edna Kurtz Emmet
Shari Fedak
Julie Fisher
Fractal Cat
Ruby Fulton
Julie Gabrielli
Jessica Gartner
Prescott Gaylord
John Geilfuss
Thomas Gervais
William Gilmore
Helen Glazer
Jordan Goodman
Julie Gouldener
Tighe Greenhalgh
Chuck Green
Ed and Linda Gross
Robin Gunkel
Alex Hacker
Shannon Hadley
Denise R Hall
Karly Hansen
Andrew Hazlett
Peggy Hoffman
Chase Hoffberger
Moira Horowitz
Heather A Hudgins
Shane Jager
Elisabeth Jayne
Janet Little Jeffers
Alison Johnson
Ken Jordan
Joanne Juskus
Dave K.
Katie Kirkpatrick
Dylan Koehler
Femi Lawal
Mat Leffler-Schulman
Sean Loper
Jamie Levarn
Nancy Lewin
M. Kendall Ludwig
Mac Maclure
Robert Marbury
Jared Margulies
Sherwin Mark
Ian McDonald
Jamie McDonald
Carol McGraw
Justin Metzger
Vanessa Milio
Nate Mook
Nancy Murray
Mara Neimanis
Chelsea Newhouse
Dorret Oosterhoff
Katie Palencsar
Andrew Peters
Amy Phillips
Kit Pollard
Rick Reges
Glenn Ricci
Anna Ricklin
Alex Rinsler
Barbie roemer
Andrew Rose
Amy Royce
Christopher Schafer
Katharine Schildt
Brad Selko
Carole Simon
Bethany Dinsick
David Smooke
Emily Sollenberger
Erik Spangler
Brady Starr
Ryan Stinnett
Tom Swiss
Patricia Tamariz
Timothy Train
Joe Tropea
David Troy
Kelly Keenan Trumpbour
Daniel Waldman
David Warfield
Stewart Watson
Jed Weeks
Geoffrey Welchman
Barbara Wilgus
Paul Wolman
John Ziemann

 We would also like to thank everyone who worked so hard on developing the campaign:

Jeramie Bellmay
David London
Theresa Keil
Matt Kelley
Carr Kizzier
Philip Laubner
Nancy Murray
Daniel Stuelpnagel

Thank you everyone!

What Weekly: Who else is gonna bring you the truth about unicorn poop?