Adam Scott Miller

All images courtesy Adam Scott Miller

When you first encounter the work of Adam Scott Miller,  it immediately becomes clear that he is much more than just a painter.   Though the term “visionary” is tossed around these days,  in Adam’s case, visionary is the only word that seems to fit. He utilizes his skills and chosen mediums to further his own understanding of self, soul, and universe, and transport those who encounter his work into a realm found at the far reached of the imagination– one filled with visions, dreams, magic, and creativity. Adam was born in Marysville, Pennsylvania. When he was just ten years old, he was haunted by frequent night terrors. These horrific experiences always began as dreams and slowly entered into his perception of reality for half-hour periods. These disorienting experiences were among Adam’s first that challenged that young artist’s way of thinking of the “real” world.

Adam’s perception was dramatically changed again at age 15, when he suffered a concussion due to a severe blow to the head. This experience affected his memory, and he began experiencing mild hallucinations. As he tells the story, he knew that his metaphysical, spiritual journey had begun. He simply needed an outlet for his creativity. “I chose to be an artist,” he said, “because I couldn’t think of a more sensible and important role to play (in consideration of my talent and philosophical bias for it).” With his conscious and unconscious changes in play upon his psyche, Adam began to discover and explore ideas of unity. His path led him to realize that every being on Earth affects every other being. Along with this realization came an overwhelming sense of responsibility. He discovered, however, that he couldn’t make any real change in the world if he didn’t first let these thoughts rest easy. “In my explorations,” he said, “I realized in study and experience that I am a song of patterns, every act fractally repeating out into the world: knowing that my own consciousness plays an integral role in how reality is shaped.” He began expanding these patterns through a philosophy of flexible, imaginative perception: in short, “play.”

Adam boasts a BFA in Illustration from MICA and an MFA in Painting from MassArt. Yet his fine art education is just one small component of the artist’s life and work. Throughout his journey thus far, he has integrated key principles of insight from not only art, but science and mysticism as he moves towards “the road less-traveled of honest devotion to limitless growth and dilating creativity.” Adam’s paintings are praised globally for their transcendental and the elegant envisioning of reality as emergent from the unified-field ecology of energy. Adam describes his paintings as “artifacts excavated from exploring the relationships between mystical personal experience and universally relevant concepts.” Art is his tool for discovery, and a by-product of the experience of his consciousness. His integral creative work is how he processes his perceptions of the visible world and the energetic fields from which it blooms forth into new informed and numinously refined visions of symbiosis. The ‘numinous’ is characterized by the quintessential qualities of the sacred: mystery, awe, fascination, satisfaction, and inspiration. The art serves as a reflection of our context, and achieves its maximum potential in the intention to improve and benefit the whole. “Art is at the heArt of eARTh.”

Presently he lives in Far Northeast Queensland, Australia amidst the most ancient rainforest on Earth with fiancee and fellow visionary artist Donna Raymond. They will open Australia’s 1st visionary art gallery ‘Infinitus Art‘ during the Total Solar Eclipse of 2012, with which Infinitus Art will be in direct earth-to-sky alignment.

Adam had found himself in Baltimore over the last several weeks, as he prepares and begins production on two new videos, set to the music of Telesma. He completed another video several months back, also featuring Telesma, which he consider a Trailer to his work, “A Synesthetic audio-visual journey of Visionary Art and Music.” The new videos, currently in development, are set to Telesma’s Chain and White Lotus continue Adam’s exploration of sound and image, thriving off of his inspiration from the band. The video for Chain will be finished early 2013, with the video for White Lotus making ins debut in the middle of 2012. 

As part of this ongoing collaboration between he and the band, Adam also created the artwork for the cover of Telesma’s latest album, Action In Inaction. You have a chance to catch Adam this Friday at Telesma’s Resurrection show, where he will have his paintings on display, and will be making a live painting.

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