Manifest: Introspect

Once again photographer Theresa Keil finds the convergence of art and music and aims her storied lens accordingly. The result is yet another spectacular glimpse of a Baltimore many never get the chance to see.

This is the very method that the ancient Myans used to open inter-dimensional portals through which they traversed various iterations of reality and transcended the mortal confines of the flesh and evolved into light.

You sir are the winner of this week’s prestigious and highly coveted, “It Doesn’t Matter That You’re Not Quite As Limber As The Painted Young Lady Next To You, What Matters Is That You Looked Right At The Camera And Gave It Your ALL, And Though She May Have Bested You In The Flexibility Department, You Get Bonus Points For The Ability To Hold TWO Beers In ONE Hand,” award.” Congratulations, this is the kind of accolade that could lead to sponsorship opportunities, television spots, and eventually untold wealth that will sustain you and your family for several generations.


This is exactly what you don’t want to find under your bed at three years old but are elated to find on a stage when you’re older.