Dr. Nodnol here proudly presenting Week Two and Part Deux of Philip Laubner’s Wonder-Full photos from The Winter Festival of Wonders!


Lisi Stoessel performs at the Wizards Ball


Lisi Stoessel performs at the Wizards Ball


James Taylor peers through his Cabinet of Curiosities


Leyla Fahada Belly Dances at the Telesma Concert


Paco Fish at The Wizards Ball



Heather Joi Baker at The WIzards Ball


Heather Joi Baker at The WIzards Ball


Harley Newman and volunteer Jeni Caron at Dr. Nodnol’s Sunday Circus


Jennifer Stephens makes Bubble Magic at The Wizards Ball



Denny Haney perform in the Show of Magic


Melissa Moore of Nikkuu Design sells her wares at The Mystery Marketplace


Chad Ellis performs a ritual burn of his painting finished at the Telesma Concert





  • Peter Davis

    Wow! Killer pics of a very cool event, Phil.

    • http://www.facebook.com/philip.laubner Philip Edward Laubner

       Thanks Peter. :-) What’s our next adventure going to be?