Happy Birthday What Weekly

You might find this hard to believe but it was three years ago this week that two starry eyed lovers, slightly inebriated and wholly idealistic, set off into the wilds…


Behold the rapturous joy on the faces of those celebrating the life and times of the one and only, Kyle Fritz. Attendees waited in lines that stretched through a sea of…

We Did It!

Well folks, it was a nail biter, but we made our goal of raising $10,000 to help keep What Weekly alive! We wanted to take a moment to thank everyone…

Shock Trauma Love

    Charm City Love Chronicles is a new What Weekly column all about your true stories. Jordan Sondler is illustrating a new column for and you, the readers, are…

Brooke Hall Creative

Living the mission What Weekly is brought to you every week by Brooke Hall Creative, a full service creative studio that has a penchant for working with forward thinking groups…

To Wed

On Saturday July 9th, I hatched a plan to surprise the love of my life with a party to commemorate her birthday and to surprise her with the ring I should have given her long ago. It was a dynamic plan with many moving parts and key players, to whom, we are forever indebted.

VIDEO: Hoodoo Dance Party

What Weekly’s Hoodoo Dance Party – The First What Weekly Event … Ever. “Best party of the year!” -Aaron Henkin, WPYR.

Artfisch at 788

  Illustration by Erica Hinson Denny On Thursday, June 2nd, friends, family and admirers of Erica Hinson Denny, a.k.a. Artfisch, gathered at Gallery 788 for her first gallery solo exhibition….

Hoodoo Dance Party

Conjuration, my friends. That’s the word for the day. Whether or not you believe in the supernatural, I’m here to tell you that everyone has experienced an occasion in which they were moved by an unknown spirit of sorts. It’s the energy in a room that pervades when we completely forget ourselves and submit to the moment. It’s when we are surrounded by like-minded comrades and engaged in some semblance of ritual that these experiences have the potential to be transformative, transcendent, and at times, magical.