Fishbone Documentary

“Everyday Sunshine: The Story of Fishbone” – documentary trailer from Tilapia Film on Vimeo.

Everyday Sunshine is a documentary about Fishbone, one of the most amazing bands of all time. It’s so good that I felt compelled to watch it twice yesterday. The energy emanating from this band can still be felt on the other side of the screen so many years after they peaked. I saw them once at a big summer festival before I was old enough to drive. Onstage, Angelo Moore poked out from underneath a huge black Fishbone banner reciting manic poetry until he’d raised the energy exponentially at which point, the banner dropped and the band tore into one of the most frenzied, awe inspiring sets I’ve ever witnessed.

Though Fishbone never saw the success many believed they deserved the spirit of this band refuses to be cast as tragic. This is a story about a group of childhood friends who started a band in junior high, signed a major record deal a year out of high school, and traveled the world together influencing, inspiring and/or perplexing anyone who crossed their path.

Fishbone has explored too many genres to try to describe what is they do with words. I’m sure you can find references that break it down and compare it to other things but I’d rather just say that there they are entirely unique. I’ve enclosed the trailer for those of you who are curious.

Everyday Sunshine is playing at the Charles Theater on Friday and Saturday with a Q&A session with lead singer Angelo Moore. On Saturday Angelo will play the Metro Gallery after the show as Dr. Madd Vibe. This is your chance to see one of the greatest performers to ever front a band in an intimate venue. It’s gonna be phenomenal.