Brooke Hall Creative

by Brooke Hall

Living the mission

What Weekly is brought to you every week by Brooke Hall Creative, a full service creative studio that has a penchant for working with forward thinking groups who are passionate about making the spectacular world we live in… even better. [UPDATE: Brooke Hall Creative was later rebranded and transformed into What Works Studio when Justin Allen joined full time.]

What Weekly is dedicated to inspiring the citizens of Baltimore by highlighting the amazing creativity, innovation, and compassion expressed by the city’s residents. Brooke Hall Creative upholds the same mission and works to help nonprofit organizations and small businesses create something extraordinary, make a living doing what they love, and project an image that’s aligned with the spirit of their work.

Brooke Hall Creative specializing in content marketing, design and websites. We also offer integrated communication strategies, branding and identity, word-of-mouth movements, social media, custom events, media outreach, and lively conversation over coffee. The last one’s on us.

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