Talulah Derailed

It seems to me that would be pretty unusual to judge yourself as the one in 1,000 artists who will be able to live on your work. What kind of person would believe that they could do that? (Incidentally, I don’t necessarily associate making a living off your art with being an artist.)

It reminds me of what we expect a lot of people to do. We look at people who come from tough circumstances—people who might be one in 100 or even 1000 if they embraced their education in the way we might like them to. But who would be that person? And that person who judges others who can’t find that kind of strength, you just want to ask them, “are you that person. Are you that exceptional? Where would you be by now if you were?”

Manifest Presents: Release

Once again, photographer Theresa Keil trekked through the wee hours of the night and into the morning. across the playful pandemonium unfurling on effectively employed dance floors, into yet another celebration of existence where those in attendance didn’t come to stand idly by while performers provided one-way entertainment, from the stage to the audience. This was a free form, participatory carnival of the people, and these pictures provide several sound reasons why missing a Manifest party is something you might try to avoid if at all possible. Have a look-see.