Wild Nothing and Future Islands

In the big picture above; no, it’s not a cigarette advertisement enticing America’s youth into pimping out their lungs in the hopes of fitting in and looking cool, it’s just a random group of people who happen to be attractive while enjoying themselves. Imagine that.

The Metro Gallery was standing room only for the Opening of ‘Wild Nothing,’ a photography exhibition that conjures nostalgia for summers past and encapsulates the mythos our culture connects to the warmest season. The exhibition features work by Alyssa Robb, Monique Crabb, Jordan Bernier, Andrew Laumann, Katie Rose, Beth Hoeckel, Lesser Gonzalez, William Cashion, Elena Johnston, Natasha Tylea, Dan Franz and Abe Sanders.

Wild Nothing ends August 16.

I may be going out on a limb here, but I’m going to venture to guess that more than a few people were drawn to the Metro Gallery last Saturday to catch a rare acoustic performance by Future Islands who were joined onstage by drummer Denny Bowen of Double Dagger. Bowen also played on the band’s newest release ‘In the Evening Air.’

Microphones and cameras filled the air in an effort to capture what was truly a transcendent performance. This could very well have been the largest crowd I’ve personally witnessed at the Metro Gallery. There’s something subtle in this music that resonates perfectly with our experience. Any one song could, at the very least, spark your curiosity if not convert you into a life long fan. Future Islands is a great addition to the soundtrack of your life.

A white guy, a Rastafarian, a biker and an easily distracted woman walk into a bar…

As you can see by this photo and the ones that proceeded it, the Metro Gallery officially surpassed Disneyland as the happiest place on earth last Saturday night. You had a long run Disney, but I think the world just woke to realize that talking rats aren’t adorable as much as they are creepy.

Arne Eliasson, Claire Cote, Sarah Friedman and Kendra Eaves.