Minas Gallery in Hampden

We recently visited Minas Gallery on the Avenue in Hampden for the opening reception of ‘Object Relations’ a collection of paintings by Hal Boyd. If I were to say one thing about the exhibition it’s that somewhere hiding within the collection is a theme composed of an array of colors that’s certain to shake loose a smile. His style of impressionism reveals a wit and playfulness that is endearing to say the least. If you find yourself with the blues and need a quick pick me up this exhibition might do the trick. Here is Hal with his daughter, Baltimore-based writer Betsy Boyd.


Deep inside the core of the Minás Gallery compound we were led past two separate security checkpoints, down several flights of stairs and through a number of secret passageways that seemed to take us in circles until we were thoroughly disoriented. And just when thought we might walk forever, we came to a place that few people alive can say they’ve set eyes upon. We had finally come to the studio of artist Minás Konsolas.

Minás is pictured above with what will be part of the backdrop for the annual Hot August Blues Festival that, oddly enough, occurs in August.

The lovely Barbara Wilgus and Diana Gross.

Minas Konsolas and Justin Allen.