Beatnik Bar and Restaurant

When I dined there we enjoyed chicken wings from a local farm served with chicken feet - this is a common delicacy in some cuisines but an exciting and unusual choice for the Station North crowds. My companions enjoyed some in-house cocktails - the bar makes all their own mixes including a refreshing ginger-lime syrup and some homemade ice cream.


F.E.A.S.T (Food Entertaining as Specious Theatre) Connoting the Last Supper and tangentially reminding me of Judy Chicago’s Dinner Party, F.E.A.S.T, curated by Rebecca Nagle and brought into...

Small Foods

It turns out there’s something unexpectedly gratifying about miniaturized cuisine. I attended Small Foods 2012 with little expectation other than to satisfy my curiosity about the annual event I somehow...
La Figa-featured

Prudish America?

I am from Italy, which is known as one of the most romantic countries in Europe, a destination for lovers who come to visit from all over the world. So, perhaps I have a slightly different perspective on how Americans express themselves, particularly with regard to romance and sensuality. In Italy, we embrace these concepts in everything we do – the way we dress, the way we cook, the way we dine, and the way we live. In America however, I sometimes sense a split personality with regard to these concepts. More specifically, I think we sometimes confuse our sensuality with sexuality, and as a result, try to keep both of them hidden for fear of corrupting our children. My point is, there is a difference.

Baltimore, New Mexico

“Chili Peppers” is kind of misnomer, since chilies are not peppers, but everyone calls them that anyway, so okay. Second, no one agrees on how to spell Chili, or Chile, or Chilie, or Chilis, or Chilies, including me, so I just sort of spell it whatever way I want. Third, despite the competition the ubiquitous bottled hot sauces with funny labels seem to be in over what sauce is the hottest, eating chilies is not about the heat! You can grow them and buy them hot, medium or mild, whatever you like, but the subtle flavors (and sort of psychotropic properties) are what make eating chilies magical.

Getting Baked

The fact that BVU (Business Volunteers Unlimited) hosted a fundraiser for their GIVE Program at the Canton restaurant, provided an opportunity to sample the goods though calling the event ‘Getting Baked’ was totally misleading. There was no pot there at all. There were however, a variety of fantastic savory and sweet pies, too many to recount in the annals of What Weekly, but we will take a look at a few.

Charm City Chaat

Delicious delicate bites of potato, lentils and vegetables layered with tamarind and cilantro chutneys, thoughtfully sprinkled with yoghurt, onions, and lemon. These are all familiar elements of Indian...
Mr.Boh and the Utz girl

The Return of Natty Boh

This past week Baltimore City celebrated the return of Natty Boh on tap. All over the city bars were filled to capacity awaiting the return of their old friend Mr. Boh and no one was disappointed. Three hundred kegs were emptied in the first week and much of it within the first few hours of being sold. As you can see, Mr. Boh was very pleased.