Document the Baltimore Renaissance


What Weekly promotes the health and success of Baltimore City.


Embrace new ideas and forward thinking, especially as it pertains to technology that increases quality of life.

Invest in efforts that help build a strong, functional community.

Create art and make ideas happen. Support and promote individual artists, local business, and cultural institutions.

Increase awareness of local culture with the intent of inspiring positive action.



Document and fuel the Baltimore Renaissance
Technology has given us the tools to empower our community. These same tools are accelerating a cultural, artistic and intellectual Renaissance that coincides with the global shift in consciousness. It’s an exciting time in Baltimore’s history. We’re going to document it and share it with the world.

Make Baltimore a better place to live
Baltimore is coming up. We want to keep that momentum going and encourage civic pride, good deeds, community-building, cultural development and accountability.

Help support Baltimore’s artists and innovators
We have built a platform for Baltimore’s creative class to showcase their work- and discover the talent of peers, local icons and innovators. What Weekly helps upcoming artists and entrepreneurs promote their gifts to the city, and encourages our readers to buy music from local bands, buy art from local artists and shop at farmers’ markets and local stores.

Build a tribe
Have a common goal, communicate with each other and change something for the better.

Come together
We believe that a strong community, and connected neighbors, means a better quality of life. We think more face-to-face interaction adds meaning to our lives and helps strengthen the village lifestyle that many modern societies are missing.

Promote events
We build a solid calendar each week that appeals to many different tastes and preferences. Our event recommendations are hand picked by people who have lived in Baltimore’s creative core for years. Calendar of Events

Rebrand Baltimore as a global hub for artistic, entrepreneurial, and intellectual pursuits
Using technology and art, we aim to capture global attention and put Baltimore on the map as an intellectual and artistic hub.

We understand that the distribution of ideas is no longer bound by geography. This paradigm shift allows for cultural movements to exist locally and globally simultaneously. We’re dedicated to uniting the creative community in and around Baltimore City and then sharing it throughout the world for the benefit of Baltimore and its people.
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