What Weekly is a place where we tell stories that inspire us. The whole journey is documented here.

Over seven years, we built a community around the magazine by harnessing and organizing the power of many local creatives who have worked with us over the years to craft the content. These stories have been brought to life in collaboration with friends, family, clients, staff, readers, artists, writers, videographers and photographers.

The Guardian said What Weekly has “their fingers on the pulse of all things hot and creative in Charm City.” Baltimore Magazine named What Weekly “Best New Magazine,” but we love What Weekly because the stories here matter to us.

Our most compelling stories take the form of Photo Essays, Artist Profiles, Innovator Profiles, Commentary, and stuff that will make you laugh. We also love music.

What Weekly has worked with hundreds of contributors over the years.
Here are direct links to the work of our most prolific and talented collaborators:
Philip Laubner
Theresa Keil
Larry Cohen
Glenford Nunez
Justin Allen
Brooke Hall
David London
Kelly Louise Barton
Lee Boot (Who We Am)
Matt Kelley
Nether (The Up Life)
Peter Davis (5 Questions That Matter and Conversations on Theater)


If you’re looking for a story and can’t find it, contact us.

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