The Electric Pharaoh in Photos

Posted on November 20, 2014 by Brooke Hall

The Baltimore Rock Opera Society‘s production of The Electric Pharaoh.
Photos by Brooke Hall.

From the BROS:
The Electric Pharaoh is a rock musical set in a place which was once ancient Egypt, but is now a futuristic city where electricity is currency and a powerful Pharaoh keeps the people divided. A strange boy from the lower crust of society uncovers the secrets of the past with his friends and sets off a revolution.
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The Electric Pharaoh, written by Chuck Green and directed by Mason Ross, was the 6th original rock opera produced by the Baltimore Rock Opera Society. We asked the BROS to provide us with the list of every single person involved in the show to get some idea of how many people worked on this production. As always – they didn’t disappoint.

 The Electric Pharaoh is:

Mason Ross, Debra Lenik, Greg Bowen, Anna Platis, Zachary Yarosz, Jack Sossman, Miriam Cummons, Johno Marra, Stephen Frank, Erica Patoka, Judy Kurjan-Frank, Sarah Flash Gorman, Naomi Davidoff, Eliza Vlasova, Matt Beale, Miles Pekala, Douglas Johnson, Michael Bull, Heather Graham, Chuck Green, Margaret Bromilow Peterson, Hannah Friedland, Shannon Light Hadley, Mike Ridgaway, Kim Stanbro, Marceline White, Patrick McMinn, Will Gee, Kevin Blackistone, Jeff Schabdach, Chris Allen, Nisha Ramnath, Eli Breitburg-Smith, Dave K., Dylan Koehler, Jen Tydings, Zack Branch, Tim Olewnik, Jon Dallas, Corey Hennessey, Danielle Robinette, Amanda J Rife, Derek Vaughan Brown, Eric Poch, Leeann Monat, June Keating, Marissa O’Guinn, Lawrence D Bryant IV, Katie Harrington, Sarah Gretchen Heiderman, Caitlin Rife, Brian S Kraszewski, Terrènce Pope, Alexander Scally, Kathy Carson, Kristina Green, Matthew Casella, Philip Doccolo, Moira Goldie Horowitz, Griffin Stanbro, Catherine Dunne, Ryan Dunne, Shiah IrgangLaden, Cathy Tydings, Jonathan Jacobs, Dustin “Tresch” Peterson, Brandon Williams, Jon Caplan, Cason Korman, Jerz Durkin, Dom Cerquetti, Katrina Bost, Eric Church, Jessie Delaplaine, Jason DiResta, John Ellis, Christian Marra, Joe Martin, Mike Martino, Samantha Polinik, Alan Schnittman, Daniel Sneiderman, Andy Winegrad, Morgan Woodle, Zack Yarosz, Randall Ziman, Marco Duenas, Eliza Vlasova, Karianna Barr, Jacob Dillow, Natalie Drutz, Eli Feight, Rachel Frigot, Sarah Gilcrest, Susanna Gieske, Anthony Gray, Jennifer Hasselbusch, Lisa Hillring, Christina Holmes, Susannah Horrom, Viki Keating, V Lee, Devin Martin, Jen Moore, Risa Ono, Kristie Winther, Amanda Blackwell, Miles Pekala, Jay Baldwin, Sally Byers, Greg Chaprnka, Carlos Guillen, Eric Serfass, Melissa O’Brien, John Decampos, Lucas Gerace, Evan MerkelMaura Dwyer, Chris Reuther, Cheri Kase, Ashley McElfresh, Lori Travis, Meaghan Whalen, Matthew Reid, Jake Caples, Jared Margulies, Aran Keating, Bob Rose, Ashleigh Haddad, Vangie Ridgaway, Kerry Brady, Mark Sine


  • Lee November 22, 2014 at 9:44 am

    These photos are kick ass. Beautiful, Brooke.

    • Brooke November 22, 2014 at 6:37 pm

      Thanks for saying so <3


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