Baltimore-based swimwear company Mandalynn will be ending bikini season next Sunday the 24th the Last Days of Summer Sale, a pop-up shop event at the Rocket to Venus bar and restaurant, in partnership with the Baltimore chapter of the Humane League. The event will feature a raffle and a photo booth by Pixilated.

Mandalynn founder Amanda Dukeheart, who matriculated at Parsons – The New School for Design and finished her education in fashion in Miami Beach, felt unsatisfied with the swimwear she saw currently offered, and was inspired to create pieces that flatter a wide variety of feminine body types. The company emphasizes that its clothing follows three tenets: “FORWARD…WEIRD…[and] BOLD”: planning for the future, thinking outside the box, and making bold choices in fashion and in life. The company refers to both its models and its customers as “MANDALYNN BABES” who embody this ethos, as well as being “a gypsy at heart and a rebel in her soul.” The clothing, which comes from a “passionate, adventurous, and free-spirited way of life,” is pitched towards those who share this aesthetic, “seekers of fun, sun worshippers, and spontaneous travelers.”


Mandalynn suits have been featured in publications from Sports Illustrated to Bust magazine. Some of the pieces are classic and simple, like the one-piece Betty in black, and others feature audacious cuts and colors, like the Hawaiian-patterned Taylor or the daring neoprene Madison. The suits are also designed to be mixed and matched – Mandalynn Babes are encouraged to make bold and creative choices. The company is Baltimore-based, but all suits are made in the United States.

The aesthetic of the swimwear is a good fit for the retro feel of the Rocket to Venus space, which was inspired by the restaurant owner’s attempted (and aborted) trip to Venus in a rocket he built with friends. The restaurant area holds a jukebox, vinyl booths, and a wide, spacious patio that encourage movement and conversation. Rocket to Venus will be featuring drink specials and light fare for the event, which will also host a photo booth from Baltimore-local company Pixilated – perfect for modeling guests’ new swimwear. Mandalynn chose the venue because of its spacious patio and the fact that its owner is local to Baltimore. The company has a deep commitment to celebrating and supporting its community, as evidenced both by its choice of venue and entertainment.

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Fifteen percent of the proceeds of the event will be donated to the Baltimore Humane League, a society dedicated to saving the lives of animals and preventing animal cruelty. They also run vegetarian advocacy programs and promote the fair treatment of farm animals. The League works with schools, corporations, and retailers to promote policy changes that reduce the misery of commercial and farm animals. Founder Amanda Dukeheart always wanted to work with an organization promoting the welfare of animals, and the event is a perfect opportunity realize that ambition and to help bring awareness to the League’s cause.

Next Sunday’s event is a perfect way to end the swimsuit season and support local Baltimore businesses and causes at the same time. The event will run from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM at Rocket to Venus.