I pretended to like Die Antwoord for a two month period when I was 17, mainly because the girl I was pursuing at the time happened to be a really big fan. So I may be a little biased when it comes to Die Antwoord, I tend to lump them in with menthol cigarettes and stick n’ poke tattoos, the childish stuff that you consider emblematic of your personality in those confusing desperate months that comprised your senior year but in retrospect it’s all too apparent you were just a confused kid trying way too hard to define yourself. The same could easily be said for Die Antwoord, their videos, hell their entire aesthetic, has always been vaguely edgy but always without context or purpose. The weirdest thing about Pitbull Terrier is how deathly serious it seems to take itself, totally unaware that Ninja on his hands and knees in a dog mask repeating the words “I am a pit bull… terrier” that is anything but intimidating. But again I may have a bias… at the very least I will say this: if fake blood and spooky contact lenses are your thing then this video delivers the goods in full.

  • Guest111

    You do realize that Die Antwoord is satire, right? I mean, I couldn’t possibly be the first person to tell you that.

    “Pitbull Terrier” is commentary on the symbolism of the pitbull in mainstream hip-hop. Pitbulls, which are often used in dog fighting, have a reputation of being brutal animals. This is obviously a reflection on the dog’s rearing, but the media – and rappers – eschew traditional logic in favor of pandering to pre-existing stereotypes that give their claims more credence. So your comments about Die Antwoord exuding immaturity are accurate, as they’re absorbing the image heavy rap world, chewing it up, and reconstituting it as an introspective look into the charades of hip-hop.

    Please research/edit your shit. Thanks!