Brooks Kossover – Artist Profile


Fresh from a successful show at Art Basel, our friend Brooks Kossover let us take some pictures of his studio in Baltimore’s famed Copycat warehouse. Brooks is currently enrolled at MICA, but he maintains a rigorous studio on his own and has begun showing with some prominent national galleries. Portraits of contemporary musicians and creative friends are his most known works, but he brings a technique very rooted in old-world oil-painting. All photographs are courtesy of Tedd Henn.


Brooks Kossover – Oil Paints in the studio

Recent success means Brooks can support his community in a big way – he purchases nearly all of his supplies locally and works with fellow-up-and-comers collaboratively as well as purchasing their work.  He also works with new MICA students in his studio on core painter’s tasks like stretching and preparing canvases.


Portrait of Dan Deacon, Brooks Kossover and Mabel the dog


Brooks Kossover shows friends a still life by his grandfather

Photo Credit: Tedd Henn

Brooks Kossover – Detail of Dan Deacon Portrait

Photo Credit: Tedd Henn

Brooks Kossover – Collection of oil paints


Photo Credit: Ted Henn

Brooks Kossover – Portrait of Pictureplane

Photo Credit: Tedd Henn

Brooks Kossover explains his technique to writer Ezra Lefko

Photo Credit; Tedd Henn

Brooks Kossover demonstrates mixing his own oils, drawing on an ancient tradition.

Photo Credit: Tedd Henn

Again, demonstrating oil paint mixing technique

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Ezra Lefko

Ezra is a handsome writer, artist and performer. He is a member of What Works Studio, which produces What Weekly. When not working, Ezra is the third member of the Pet Shop Boys.

Tedd Henn

Tedd is a freelance photographer based in Baltimore.