Recent MICA graduate Brooks Kossover has found success by painting oil portraits of popular musicians, a rich tradition in post-sixties American painting.  We enjoyed taking a look at these and thought about a few we’d like to commission – doesn’t Kanye West seem perfect for a large oil portrait above the mantle?

If you want fun paintings of your favorite musicians but don’t want to spend the money on an original work – the innovative company Pixelist lets people submit Instagram photos which it then turns into oil paintings.

All photographs are courtesy of Tedd Henn.


Brooks Kossover – Oil Paints in the studio

Brooks is originally from North Carolina.  He shares a studio at the noted Copycat Warehouse with some aspiring musicians.


Portrait of Dan Deacon, Brooks Kossover and Mabel the dog


Brooks Kossover shows friends a still life by his grandfather

Photo Credit: Tedd Henn

Brooks Kossover – Detail of Dan Deacon Portrait.  Is that a bed or a table on the left?

Photo Credit: Tedd Henn

Brooks Kossover – Collection of oil paints


Photo Credit: Ted Henn

Brooks Kossover – Portrait of popular 80s revivalist Pictureplane. Is anyone at Pitchfork reading this?

Photo Credit: Tedd Henn

Brooks Kossover explains his technique to writer Ezra Lefko

Photo Credit; Tedd Henn

Brooks Kossover demonstrates mixing his own oils.

Photo Credit: Tedd Henn

Again, demonstrating oil paint mixing technique. This will be a great way to save money!

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