Imagine a crow

named Russell’s crow.

Imagine being followed

by a strategically slowed-

down wheelchair


followed by a laugh track.

Now that you mention it

there has been some production

failure over the years


by way of which I mean

the thing is beeping

you are a genius


the proof is in the pudding

‘production pudding’ , ‘post production pudding’

‘post-pro-pu’ – repeat 4x fast

Just let me be gross for a while


I will always come back to you


Clear Channel

It sounds like someone

trying to breath through a bag

in private. Hold still.


I’m going to do this

the way a fireman

is supposed to

carry a kitten out. Seizing


your Ruben Studdard-

sized heart before


it gets too light

to hold. You know.

Like someone eating


away an artichoke. Or like

the sun. How things

want to keep going

back and forth


between this life

and the other one.