We really dig Samuel Gray’s Instagram, samiswell, for his unique collaboration between his art and photography through his chosen subjects and mediums. Do your eyes a favor and scroll through his Insta-feed, and take a second to see what he told What Weekly about his work:


Tell us about your Instagram.
It is good for me to express through this creative outlet. Having deep convictions and values I kind of feel responsible to share my vivid inner life. Hopefully someone notices something in a different light, or at least sees light for the first time.

When and why did you decide to start your Instagram?
September 2nd, 2011 I posted my first image. I just wanted to share the sun coming through my windshield.

What inspires you?
Honesty & Vulnerability

You have a series of b&w portraits from this past Spring, including Billy, what’s the story behind them?
I enjoy spending time with people that are in different seasons of life. A lot of people have come through the house that I live in. Billy is a guy that stayed with me for a few weeks. He literally lived day by day and had a contagious laugh.


You caption a lot of your photos with song titles and lyrics, what musicians do you find inspire you most?
I listen to a lot of different stuff. Lately I have been listening to Wake Owl, Kye Kye, Dustin Kensrue, Shakey Graves, David Ramirez, Damien Jurado, and Listener

What are you favorite subjects?
Anyone willing to be. Everything else doesn’t have a choice.

Hands seem to be a beautiful and reoccurring subject of yours. What drives you to take those photos?
They tell enough without showing too much of someone.

What’s your favorite part of Instagram?
My favorite part is making new friends and inspiring each other. Yeah there is that surface level media friendship sometimes, but I truly appreciate it when someone reaches out to me and my work. I’ve met some really neat people that I wouldn’t have met if it wasn’t for Instagram.

What are your top three favorite apps and why?
VSCO Cam, because I like the editing style. Mextures, because it’s fun with textures and colors. I got to see it develop from just an idea through my friend Merek, who I met on Instagram. SlowShutter, because it’s unpredictable sometimes.

You also post a lot of your art outside of photography. In regards to your profile pic, tell us about your favorite medium.
Charcoal. It has a give and take relationship.


Pick one of your favorite photos. Tell us why you captured it.
“Bring me your higher love.” Photo of my foot stepping in the rain. I wanted to show movement in the rain. 


Who’s Instagrams do you dig?
Jasonmpeterson is another friend I met on Instagram. His stuff is great. We have done some collaborations together and it’s really interesting how our styles tie together. Saraswebb is another friend I met on instagram. Her images are always full of emotions. Cincinati is always sharing images I connect with. She has always been supportive of my images. There are many more people I dig, but these are just a few.


Samuel Gray is a Fine Artist, Designer & Photographer from Arkansas.
His work outside of Instagram can be found here.

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