Coming Home is the first single off of Joey Harkum’s (Pasadena) upcoming sophmore acoustic album. The song features Ms. Sara (also of Pasadena) and Patrick O’Donnell (The Solicitors) lends a hand on the fiddle.

Joey’s brand new acoustic album will be the follow up to the 2011 release of Good Time To Be Poor.

Shot on location and on Lake Eerie in Orchard Park NY.

Special thank you to Nick Hodson, Jason Schneckenberger and Nathan Geary.


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Joey Harkum – Lead Vocals and Acoustic Guitar
Aaron Hooper – Bass Guitar
Will Finley – Electric Guitar
Cory Streett – Percussion
Ms Sara – Vocals and Harmonies

Video was filmed and edited by Matthew Edward and Robert McFreshington of the FREEstate Workshop.

Audio was recorded and edited by Robert McFreshington of the FREEstate Workshop

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    Not trying to be a grammar nazi, but it’s SOPHOMORE.