We all try to live on a budget and make smart lifestyle decisions. But can you imagine feeding a family of four a healthy meal for only $3.50?

That’s the reality for 47 million people registered for SNAP (aka food stamps). Half of those are children, roughly 24 million kids. Often, this leads to poor food choices, obesity, and other health-related issues like diabetes. Alarmingly, this generation of children is the first that is not expected to outlive their parents.

But MicroGreens is on a mission to change this trend. Recognizing the challenge and reality of an extremely limited income, MicroGreens teaches kids how to cook healthy on a budget – and make it fun.

A mother of one MicroGreens student proudly shared that her child is cooking more at home and getting the whole family to make better choices. That’s the MicroGreens goal – reach one family at a time.

In order to reach more students and families, MicroGreens and GiveCorps are working together to successfully transition to Baltimore schools this fall at Mother Seton Academy and be ready for spring programming.

Your gift will make nutritional eating attainable on a microbudget and build habitats for a strong healthy younger generation by providing fellow stipends, equipment, and food.  With a gift of just $100, you can fund a MicroGreens student for a full semester.

Let’s bring this nutritional knowledge to more students and grow a healthier generation. Make a gift to MicroGreens today!