The following poems are part of the Thing to Do in Baltimore series of poems by Fitz Fitzgerald. We’ll be posting more them periodically here at What Weekly. Enjoy!

3955 greenmount 

tupac had one ball

the other blown

frank is some sugar

spun in bmore


bertha is bioluminescent

dash is ex-pinkerton

enoch is no eunuch

his name all over


dot says excuse my dust

enter baltimore, poet

island from the isolated

gigantic and wingless


like a tree growing from

the window of a row house


butcher’s hill 

she’s in the kitchen

crying with a knife

why are you crying?

I’m chopping onions


the packy is open on sundays

run to the corner

get me a pack of ciggy butts

& a bottle of jameson


sry I did or sd or whatever

sry it’s all kind of anyway

sry I’m not sry

why are you crying?


I’m only chopping onions

she’s always chopping onions

Photo by Dorret Oosterhoff

Photo by Dorret Oosterhoff