Photo credit: George Kline

Photo credit: George Kline

Have you ever ran up a 215 feet tower collecting raw materials, dodging obstacles and maintaining stamina, all to drop molten lead into a vat of water?

No? Well, you may get the chance.

Carroll Museums Inc. is launching The Phoenix Shot Tower Mobile Game that will allow you to race to the top of the tower, combining science, history and fun. The mobile app will teach kids of all ages how drop-shot was made and the colorful past of Baltimore’s unique Shot Tower – one of only a handful left worldwide.

The tower is immediately recognizable to many, but its function and past are a mystery. The mobile game will dispel that mystery and help our community understand, respect, and take pride in one of our most enduring landmarks.

In order to complete the game development and make it widely available, Carroll Museums is working with GiveCorps. Together, we can engage and educate kids and families in Baltimore and beyond about this historic Baltimore landmark.

Your gift will not only complete the game, but will draw new interest to this Baltimore landmark – with new interest comes new resources to fully restore, renew and reopen the Phoenix Shot Tower for the public.

You can make it happen!


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  • Alzaruba

    Is the Shot Tower going to be reopened, and if so, what are the hours?