Orchard Pruning

Teachers and parents are always telling kids to “strive for five” and that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” But for kids living in one of Baltimore’s many food deserts, it’s easier said than done.

Fruit, real fresh fruit and not the kind found in roll ups or sugary drinks, is the most difficult food item to find in a food desert. Yet it ranks number one on the list of food preferred by those living in such places.

With childhood obesity running rampant, everyone is looking for ways to get kids eating healthy, fresh food. Fruits are the perfect solution – nature’s candy.

So, the Baltimore Orchard Project (BOP) is reclaiming a 100-tree pear orchard to bring more fresh fruit to Baltimore’s food deserts.  The abandoned pear orchard can become a sustainable source of nourishing food, but it is in need of some serious attention from the green thumbs at BOP.  BOP grows, gleans and gives away urban fruit to those in need – bringing beauty, health and resilience to the people of Baltimore.

GiveCorps is working with BOP to make sure that the orchard become a viable, active orchard that will bring fresh pears to our community.

It costs $50 to save a tree that can yield 300-500 pounds of fruit – enough to feed 600-1000 people. But, thanks to an anonymous donor matching every donation to the $2,500 goal, you can save a tree with a $25 gift today!

Your gift will help BOP revive and save this great resource of local food that could provide tens of thousands of pounds of fruit. You can make it happen!