Photo by Eric Gevaert

Photo by Eric Gevaert

Jeremy is 7 years old and his physical world is restricted.  He’s never been able to walk to school or run around with the neighborhood kids. Jeremy spends his days confined to a power chair.

But Jeremy is dedicated to sailing.

Jackie and Ryan

DSC sailing student, Ryan, and Jackie.

Every week, Jeremy sails with the Downtown Sailing Center’s (DSC) Accessible Program, a time when volunteers help to lift Jeremy out of his wheelchair and into a sailboat that can support him and keep him stable while allowing him full control of steering and sail trim. Of this experience, Jeremy’s mother says, “Sailing expands [Jeremy’s] world, gives him another way to feel movement. Sailing gives him a sense of freedom he has never been able to experience.”

Jeremy’s family couldn’t have made this opportunity a reality without the support from our community both physically, emotionally, and financially. Each week the DSC fills their boats with children just like Jeremy — some have physical limitations, some with autism, some without the financial support to afford sailing classes. The DSC is dedicated to providing access to sailing in Baltimore’s Harbor, and offers their programs at little or no cost to the participants.

In fact, DSC never turns a group away due to an inability to pay. Instead, they’ll get creative every single time because, for the DSC community, there is one foundational belief: Sailing is for Everyone.

To continue offering the joy of sailing to people just like Jeremy, the DSC has teamed up with GiveCorps.  DSC is geared up to help 1,000 students attain life enriching experiences during the 2013 season.

Your gift to DSC will provide summer enrichment opportunities for low-income students and persons with disabilities like Jeremy – combating summer learning loss, providing a sense of freedom, and putting wind in their sails. Give today!

And you can join the fun and spread the word! On September 21 and 22, the DSC is hosting the Charm City’s Ya’ Gotta Regatta to support their Accessibility and Outreach programs! You can join the crew and create your own fundraising page, spread the word to your loved ones and help get low-income kids and people with disabilities out on the water.

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