Here’s your weekly dose of what’s good for ya! This week we’re going to show you how to simplify market research, find paying gigs from the comfort of your lazy boy – anytime day or night, produce marketing vids on the cheap, reach out to potential customers before launching a product and a quick and easy way to put together an event landing page for when it’s time for your product launch. Enough with the small talk, here’s the goods.

1. AYTM Conduct easy, beautiful market research studies. Ask Your Target Market (AYTM) is an online market research site with a built-in panel of 4.5 million people. Their DIY and assisted research capabilities allow you to find answers quickly. Get the answers that count from the people that count.

2. Elance Hire feelancers or find freelance jobs. This site allows you to find and hire the perfect creative for the design, development or conceptual stage of your idea. This platform allows you to use the international workforce to get your project done – or helps you find work without leaving your house.

3. Grumo Media Let Grumo create an awesome and affordable product demo video for you. This is a unique and inexpensive way to create marketing vids for your company.

4. LaunchRock Set up a “Launching Soon” page in minutes. LaunchRock is a platform for launching new products and collecting emails addresses prior to launch. It is a community of entrepreneurs, developers, marketers, and founders of all kinds, from all over the world. Follow the easy steps and you will be sippin’ pina coladas on a beach in no time.

5. Erly Build a beautiful webpage for your event. Showcase and invite people to your product information party, product launch gala or any upcoming event.