“We just can’t sit on the sidelines and wait for the breeze to blow over.”

Lance Lucas is ready to wage war on violence in Baltimore using technology. Through his nonprofit, Digit All Systems (DAS), Lucas is changing the face of gun trade-in programs by providing a laptop and career training for every gun brought in.

DAS works everyday to provide computer certification courses specifically for members of the city’s “untapped population”: predominantly black Baltimoreans from overlooked neighborhoods searching for the means to escape unemployment and climb out of poverty. The Guns for Computers Initiative is the next step in tapping into these residents and working to stem the recent violence in Baltimore.

Every person who turns in a gun will not only receive a computer but will also be registered in DAS’s IT classes and programs, putting our neighbors on a path to a high wage job in the technology services, cyber security, and many other industry jobs.

DAS and GiveCorps are working together to make sure that there are enough computers available to every resident who wants to trade-in a firearm.

A gift of just $33 will provide a fully refurbished computer, with RAM upgrades, software and network cards to a Baltimore resident. Your gift will take a weapon off the streets of our city and open up the door for someone to a promising career in the IT industry.

The event will be held on July 13th, so DAS needs our help today. Every computer that is available to trade means another dangerous firearm is taken off the streets.  Let’s make it happen!

DAS Event