Greetings from the Digital Revolution! This curated list of digital resources is intended to help you leverage the web as effectively as possible. Every week we will bring you five of the most realistic and user friendly web platforms that can help you get your idea off the ground. If you have an idea and need some guidance on where to start or simply would like a sound board to discuss creative topics or solutions, do not be too cool to reach out! There’s a comments section at the bottom of this post – use it!

This week’s top digital resources for entrepreneurs:

1. - A social product development platform that provides crowd sourced community feedback with free prototyping and development of your idea if it’s chosen by the community and the Quirky staff.

2. – A community where people create teams that unlock the potential of young careers through an innovative social-financial arrangement.

3. – The place where entrepreneurs and business owners can find useful information, advice, insights, resources and inspiration for running and growing their businesses.

4. – Overall, MÜL is a strategic hub for companies, catering to start-ups, established brands, and industry agencies. The site was developed to inspire ideas, highlight creativity and spotlight strategy. This is for the Dreamers, the Thinkers and the Doers. Explore!

5. – Brings affordable technology education to people everywhere, in order to help them achieve their dreams and change the world.