By Ezra Lefko

(the easier-to-pronounce comedy alter-ego of writer and artist Natan Lefkowits)


Welcome to The Hustle!

Just as music, theater and other performance arts have evolved in recent years – comedy is enjoying it’s own renaissance.  Much like independent music, comedians and comic actors are looking to new technology and creative promotion/booking methods to survive and thrive outside of traditional show business models.

Baltimore provides many unique opportunities for artists and we have some exciting things going on in the comedy world – ranging from luminaries like John Water’s continued engagement with his hometown to Rain Pryor’s work with the historic Strand Theater and ambitious newcomers like the comedy collectives Chucklestorm, Color Me Funny and Drink till We’re Funny.  Outside of purely comedic performance, exciting things have been happening in the Baltimore theater world like the Baltimore Rock Opera Society and the Yellow Sign Theater, both of which have highly comic elements. Besides the underground/alternative comedy world we’ll also be exploring local comedy clubs that feature well known comdedians!

Keep an eye on this space for comedy events in and around the Baltimore area, interviews with comedians and comic performers and comments on the comedy world at large as seen through the unique lense of this little slice of the eastern seaboard. We love comedy but will not shy away from criticism, controversy and negative reviews.  If comedy is truly a fine art, as we passionately believe, we must hold it to a high standard and let you know when something is truly superlative or when it’s not worth your hard-earned government issue currency.

Eternally yours,

-Ezra Lefko




  • ezras mom

    What a charming article!

  • Warewolvz

    DTWF has been around for 6 years. I don’t shy away from facts. Ha!