Support Baltimore’s newest Bucket Band!

Kenny Liner, of Baltimore’s The Bridge, believes strongly in the power of music to affect change.

So he founded Believe in Music, a new Living Classrooms program that uplifts underprivileged Baltimore City students academically, culturally, and spiritually, while promoting self-expression and community awareness through music education.

Through the program, students connect with music in their own lives, and gain the tools to express their culture, struggles, and triumphs through music. And they are constantly exposed to rhythm and movement – literally learning by direct experience, as Living Classrooms calls “learning by doing”.

With budget cuts in the schools and less funding to buy instruments and equipment, Believe in Music finds music everywhere they look  – and are looking to us to help create new opportunities for music education!

Believe in Music and GiveCorps are partnering on a new project to teach the foundations of percussion using buckets, trash cans and duct work – instruments that are a fraction of the price of traditional drumline instruments.

All the kids need are a few trash cans to bang on and learn – and you can provide one with a $10 gift!

You can also support Believe in Music’s new bucket band by attending B.more Local on July 11th at Drool of Rock.  Meet like minded professionals, enjoy great food from Barrett’s Grill & Flavor Cupcakery, local craft beer from Full Tilt Brewing all while feeling great knowing you’re benefiting the children of Believe in Music. Get your tickets today or give directly to this great project!