There is not a facet of our lives that technology doesn’t touch – from education and careers to social relationships and arts.

Today, college preparatory schools require laptops of students as early as the sixth grade. And those without their own computer have the luxury of a family computer at home.

Students at The SEED School of Maryland (SEED MD) live on campus and need to have the same unlimited access to a computer to study, learn, and stay connected.

Currently, SEED MD is fortunate to be able to provide laptops to its 10th grade students which has led to increased grade point averages and an ability to take classes at University of Baltimore.

But in order for their students to stay competitive with other college preparatory schools, SEED MD is teaming up with GiveCorps to put laptops in the hands of all their 9th graders as well.

Your gift to SEED MD will level the playing field for their 9th grade students by purchasing 60 new laptops.  And your gift will be matched dollar for dollar!

Together, we can enable the 9th graders at SEED MD to meet the increasingly complex academic, social, and professional challenges of the future with their own laptop at their home away from home.  You can make it happen!