For the past several years, The Baltimore Love Project artist, Michael Owen, and executive director, Scott Burkholder,  have been working to spread the love in Baltimore by painting 20 murals of Owen’s design of four hands spelling out the word LOVE in neighborhoods across the city. They have thus far completed 14 murals in the series. Owen challenged 30 local and international artists – ranging from painters to performance artists to photographers to street artists – to respond to the Love Project with their own unique interpretation of love. As a fundraiser for future murals, Owen and Burkholder hosted One Love at the Creative Alliance on Thursday, August 23, during which a limited number of ten giclee prints of each of the 30 works of art were available for purchase, $50 unframed or $100 framed.  But don’t worry, if you missed the event, some of the prints are still available for purchase at the Love Project Shop.

What Weekly photographer Theresa Keil with her artistic contribution!

Local artist Matt Muirhead with his work

Baltimore City student and burgeoning artist

Love Project merch


Scott Burkholder and Michael Owen