As our tagline boasts, What Weekly documents the Baltimore Renaissance. We think Baltimore is making a comeback. Its affordability paired with its ability to make space for creativity have allowed it to become a thriving hub of culture. And Forbes agrees.

Forbes just listed Baltimore (and the Baltimore-Towson area) amongst “America’s Coolest Cities,” pinning it at number 14 of 20. The publication was pretty specific about its criteria—arts/culture, recreation, diversity, local food presence, median age, unemployment rate, and net migration in 2011. In Arts & Culture and Recreation, B-More scored a 96 and a 98, respectively. Like, out of 100. We’re doing something right.

Forbes full article on the list expands upon its inclusions, saying the cities listed fall into two categories: “established (typically wealthier) cities (like New York, Los Angeles, even D.C.) and up-and-coming places whose low costs of living and/or strong economies have been attracting artists and young adults who can’t afford to live in the former.” Baltimore, unsurprisingly, falls into the latter category. But who wants to live in DC, anyway?

It becomes clearer every day that this is an exciting time for this city. Despite its relative smallness and lesser financial resources (or maybe because of them), Baltimore is teeming with creativity. And, as one may say of cities in general, people are at the heart of this phenomena. Ours is a city full of innovators; of people able to make something out of nothing; of folks worth meeting. Of course, Baltimore is still rife with serious issues—segregation, racism, and addiction, to name a few. But maybe reconsider your decision to move to Brooklyn. Charm City charmed Forbes. Maybe it’s worth sticking around.

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