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Dr. Finius J. Nodnol III, Esq., at your service!

Artscape has already begun descending on the city of Baltimore. Roads have been blocked, stages are being erected, and tents set in their place, all in preparation for the mob of visitors who will flood the city over the weekend.

Now in its 31st year, Artscape is America’s largest free arts festival. It proudly boasts 6 days of set-up,  17 generators, 122 port-a-potties, 173 exhibitors , 300 volunteers, 350,000 visitors, and over 4,000,000 square feet of exhibit space!

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This year, the festival also includes an extension up Charles Street into Station North, featuring an additional stage an over 2 dozen Station North based events and exhibits!

Finding yourself overwhelmed by trying to figure out what to do? Well, I’ve sifted through the schedule and provided some of my personal picks below. If you arrive at one of these destinations, take a look around and see if I’m there. And if so, stop by, say hi, and sample some of my Imagination Rejuvenation Tonic!

Click her to visit the Artscape website for the full schedule of events!

Ongoing EventsThroughout the Weekend…

Squonk Opera

Earlier this week we ran a piece on the Squonk Opera. These people are amazing. They produce some of the strangest large-scale performance that I have ever encountered. Squonk Opera will be setting up throughout the weekend and performing every two hours! Check out this week’s earlier coverage here!

What Squonk Opera
Where Charles Street and Preston Street

When Throughout the weekend with performances every two hours from Noon – 6PM on each day.

 Robert Marbury’s 7 Foot Yeti!

It’s hard not to be a fan of Robert Marbury. With international acclaim for his Rogue Taxidermy under his belt, Marbury also makes needlepoint out of bathroom grafitti, runs Brooklyn Badges (which offers merit badges for life’s usually unrewarded activities), and has shaved his hair to document himself in the image of various presidents throughout history. For Artscape, Marbury has constructed a 7 foot tall Yeti. Who could say no to that?

We ran a full story of Robert a few weeks ago, which you can read here.

You can also read a recent article on Robert in the Baltimore Sun here.

What Robert Marbury’s 7 Foot Yeti
Where NATIONAL PARK: PARK HERE at Charles Street Parking Garage at 1700 Block of Charles Street (first three parking spots on the right)
When Throughout the weekend

Face Forward

Who doesen’t love giant, interactive art? Face Forward, designed by artist Christian Ristow from New Mexico, is a large metal representation of the front of an androgynous human face. Originally created for Burning Man, the approximately 16 foot tall interactive sculpture features each of the major facial muscles which is responsible for conveying the totality of a facial expression. Each of the muscles featured is individually controlled by a lever, all of which are arrayed in an arc mounted on the ground, approximately 30 feet in front of the face. Members of the festival-going public are invited to operate the levers to create a series of facial expressions. Awesomeness.

At 3pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Ristow will provide a Behind the Scenes Presentation on Face Forward at the Bunting Center, located at 1401 West Mount Royal Avenue.

What Face Forward Interactive Sculpture
Where Lyric Park (next to Lyric Opera House at Oliver at Mt. Royal)
When Throughout the weekend

Go West (expeditionists)
Artscape is a Baltimore thing, but Go West is making sure that the rest of the world gets involved in it, too! Their exhibition at Area 405 will feature artists from France, Finland, Germany, and Scotland. They hope to make Baltimore think about what we have in common with other cultures. And they’ll do it all through a crazy art show full of mixed media madness.

 What Go West
Where Area 405 at 405 E. Oliver Street
When Throughout the weekend



Kids are amazing because they play, make art, and exist in a state of magic as part of their very being. Artscape hasn’t forgotten the little ones with KIDscape, offering hands-on activities for children and their families. Try your hand at creating fun arts and crafts activities, storytelling and more!

What KIDScape
Where Cohen Plaza (near Mt. Royal Avenue and Lafayette Street, in front of the Brown Center)
When Throughout the weekend

Don’t forget to stop by Tom Thumb Gallery & Sculpture Garden’s tribute to film MINIMA!. A miniature multiplex and drive in celebrating over 2 dozen films!

What Tom Thumb Gallery & Sculpture Garden
Where In the windows of the Strand Theater, 1823 N. Charles St
When Throughout the weekend


Scheduled Events


Baltimore Rock Opera Society: Monster World
BROS is premiering its long-awaited, one-of-a-kind tourist destination: MONSTER WORLD.

For your viewing pleasure, we have traveled back to the distant land of Brotopia to wrangle the legendary Gründle, brave the noxious Nog trees of Lunastus and captured Mama Nog herself, and summon the sinister Borzuya from the deserts of Persia! Watch in horrifying fascination as Monster World’s expert monster-handlers risk life and limb to subdue the fiercest beasts in rock opera history, all for your entertainment!

What Monster World
When Friday 6/20: 5PM & 8PM; Saturday 6/21: 1:30PM, 4:30PM, 7:30PM;Sunday 6/21: 1PM, 4PM
Where Charles Street Bridge, across from Penn Station, before the turnoff to Rt. 83.


What BROS Retrospective
When  Saturday 6/21: 3:00PM, Sunday 6/21: 2:30PM, 5:30PM
Where Charles Street Bridge, across from Penn Station, before the turnoff to Rt. 83.

Black Cherry Puppet Theatre Puppetry Slam

Puppets are for grown-ups, too! On the second day of Artscape, let Black Cherry prove it to you with their crazy cabaret show. Their puppet “slamwich” will be slam-packed with laughs from handheld friends waiting to be made. Black Cherry Puppet Theatre can bring puppets to life with some true magic.

What Black Cherry Puppet Theatre Puppetry Slam
Where Theatre Project at 45 West Preston Street
When Saturday 7/21, 6:30PM

Magic Outside The Box at Theatre Project

Everyone knows that I LOVE magic. What Weekly Managing Director and Professional Magician David London will present two of his shows at Theatre Project on Sunday at Artscape. At 2PM check out The Adventure to the Imagi Nation, which combines Magic, storytelling and interactive play take children of all ages on a journey to a faraway place, found within each one of us. Great for kids 5-11 years old, fun for everyone! At 6PM, be sure to catch David’s Cabaret Show, which combines magic, storytelling, comedy, puppetry and more in a show unlike any you’ve experienced before. It’s packed with laughs, mystery and the unexpected!

What Magic at Theatre Project
Where Theatre Project at 45 West Preston Street
When Family Show: Sunday 7/22 2PM, Cabaret Show: Sunday 7/22 6PM

Arte Flamenco

There are few forms of music that inspire wonder as much as Flamenco. From the heart of Andalucía in Southern Spain comes the beautiful and dramatic blend of music, song and dance. Stunning costumes, moving rhythms and majestic style make flamenco dance popular around the world, and it’s coming to Artscape!

What Arte Flamenco
Where Theatre Project at 45 West Preston Street
When Saturday 7/21, Noon

Navasha Daya

Navasha Daya is a soulful, sparkling wonder. This year at Artscape, you can watch her perform for free! Her nu-jazz/neo-soul singing and spiritual healing will combine to bring a truly stellar experience. And trust us, Navasha knows what she’s doing–she studied at the Baltimore Spiritual Science Center and has also known the art of Reiki for over a decade. Let her open your ears and your mind!

What Navasha Daya Performs
Where Wells Fargo Stage at 1400 Cathedral Street at Mount Royal Avenue
When Friday, July 20th, 4:30PM

The Emperor and the Moon

Our good friends over at the EMP Collective are at it again, embracing Artscape as an opportunity to present pop-up performances. One is Cameron Stuart’s The Emperor and the Moon in Gordon Plaza on the corner of Cathedral St. and Mt. Royal Ave. The Emperor and the Moon is a full-length play in progress that will be presented in dreamlike episodes over the course of  Sunday afternoon.

What EMP Collective’s Emperor and The Moon
Where Gordon Plaza, corner of Cathedral Street and Mount Royal Avenue, Baltimore, MD
When Sunday, July 22nd at 12PM, 2PM, 4PM, 6PM

Animated Short Films at The Charles Theater

I have an inherent love of animated films. I also have a fond appreciation for short films. On Saturday at Noon, and Sunday at 3PM, check out a 31 minute long screening of six Animated Shorts. This screening is among a series presented at The Charles Theatre by The Maryland Film Festival, also including Comedy Shorts, Experimental Shorts, Narrative Shorts, and Documentary Shorts throughout the weekend.

Belly (Julia Pott, 7 minutes)
The Eater (Wally Chung, 3 minutes)
Food for the Worms (Miranda Pfeiffer, 9 minutes)
“Hietsuki Bushi” / Omodaka (Ryo Hirano, 4 minutes)
“The Living Things”/ The Spinto Band (Phil Davis, 3 minutes)
Venus (Tor Fruergaard, 8 minutes)

For the full schedule of short film screening at The Charles over the weekend, please click here 

What Animated Shorts at The Charles theater
Where Charles Theater, 1711 North Charles St.
When July 21, Noon; July 22, 3PM


Click her to visit the Artscape website for the full schedule of events!

Enjoy your weekend! See you all on the other side…

  • Melissa O’Brien

    Thanks for the Monster World shout-out! Just to let you know, the 6:30pm Friday and 6pm Saturday BROS retrospective time slots are no longer happening. Thanks again! –Melissa

  • Lucy Robins

    Thank you – this really makes me willing to brave the heat!