All Photos Courtesy Squonk Opera

I must admit that at various points over that last few years, catching an episode.. or two… or three… of America’s Got Talent has provided a healthy dose of entertainment, intrigue, and the occasional super-stellar act.

In last years season, one act in particular stood out as so unique, strange, and utterly mesmerizing that they stuck in my mind… Squonk Opera!

Squonk Opera created their first show in a Pittsburgh junkyard, with choreographed cranes and roaring earthmovers and screaming machine shears. Composer Jackie Dempsey and artist Steve O’Hearn worked with an ensemble of 10-20 artists to create post-industrial performances with original music, design, and staging, outside the rules of mass culture, fashion or academia.

Since then, they have received major commissions, created more than ten original productions and has performed in more than 250 venues across the United States. They have taught workshops, directed collaborative creations, and done residencies at over sixty universities, middle schools and museums all over the United States, and have worked with dance groups whose styles have ranged from African gumboot to Dutch clogging to hip hop to modern.

I was delighted to discover that Squonk Opera will be presenting their GO Roadshow at this years Artscape. They will be setup at Charles Street and Preston throughout the weekend,  with performances every two hours from Noon – 6PM on each day.

Don’t miss this!

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