A recent winner of the third round of Station North’s “Think Big” funding, AKIMBO is a Dance Explosion featuring over 60 dancers, musicians, and artists  at over 15 Station North Sites.

The main AKIMBO event, A Site-Specific Dance Art Walk in Station North, will take place on September 15th, from 2:00 – 5:00PM.  Audiences will weave through Station North businesses, sidewalks, and grassy knolls while experiencing the beauty of dance, by participating in unique site-specific performances created by fifteen professional, Baltimore-based dance companies and musicians.

Each site-specific dance and movement performance will highlight, enhance, and bring to life the vibrant venues, murals, and parks, creating a flowing, immersive journey that’s not to be missed!

AKIMBO weaves audiences through hot spots on North and Charles Avenue, along a dance parade down East Lanvale, on a winding journey through Cork Factory, and over to Area 405 and Gallery City Arts. Each will perform performance art, improvisatory work and/or choreographed movement that speaks to the visual artwork/theme of an SNAED venue.  This ambitious and groundbreaking event promises adventure, excitement, and new discoveries.

Bookending this tour is AKIMBO Teaser and AKIMBO Showcase. During the Station North Final Friday on August 31st, AKIMBO Teaser features dance companies performing improvisational movement near site-specific sculptures installed by/for MICA’s Curatorial Practice M.F.A. program’s art installation tour, INVITED. AKIMBO Teaser is a soft opening for AKIMBO and INVITED. On September 19th, AKIMBO Showcase is the final event at Windup Space. Participating dance companies present selections of work developed during the Artwalk. This event includes a talk-back for audiences and artists to share experiences from AKIMBO.

Thus far, AKIMBO is graciously funded by the National Endowment for the Arts, the William G. Baker, Jr. Memorial Fund, creator of the Baker Artists Awards, www.bakerartistawards.com, Station North Arts & Entertainment, Inc., www.stationnorth.org, and Towson University Department of Dance. Please help us reach our fund raising goal! YOU can be a supporter of AKIMBO, too!

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