This story is three-fold: HoodSCAPE, UpCHUCK and Mobtown Magazine.

HoodSCAPE is an artist collective started by Katie Myers and Molly McNulty, both residents of the Hampden neighborhood.  The name HoodSCAPE was also the duo’s first event, which originally was but a meager art show acting as a rouge offshoot from Hampden’s First Friday. Hailing from a philosophy of absurdity and belief in celebration, the show was to be a renegade take on whatever art was and the tag line  “All Alley All The Time” was adopted. They enlisted neighborhood musicians, artists with the local merchants to grab them in carnival gear.  And, On May 4, 2012, over 300 neighbors young and old celebrated Katie’s and Molly’s respective haberdashery and painting exhibits, along with three additional visual artists, a hot dog and meatball stand, five bands, and a full parade.

Now the girls are moving the party out of the alley and into the streets and venues of Baltimore.  They are hosting their next event, upCHUCK, this Friday, July 6 at the Yellow Sign Theater on Charles Street, formerly The Zodiac. Again the girls have assembled a menagerie of creative pulses to contribute to the celebration. Festivities will kick off with a parade at 8pm leading out from the Charles Street Market, around the city blocks and to the Yellow Sign Theater.

HoodSCAPE as a collective looks to bolster a generosity of spirit in the community by enlisting any and all of the talent in the great city of Baltimore.

UpCHUCK, will be an evening of parades and balloons! Sirens and Mermaids! Pirates and Song! Come enjoy the new found tradition of HoodSCAPE’’s memorable brand of celebrating community! The infamous HoodSCAPE troupe will lead a parade through Station Arts North at 8PM sharp. Sea shanties? Yes, please!

Theresa Keil was on hand last night for the UpCHUCK preview, and provided these amazing photos with a glimpse of what’s to come!

This event is sponsored by Mobtown Magazine, a new publication, sharing similar goals of What Weekly, who will be celebrating the launch of their online mag, You might even get a sneak peek at their first issue, scheduled to hit the streets late July!

UpCHUCK will feature Performances by:

Community Center
Joseph Mulhollen and The Problematical Animals
The Headwounds
The Sneaks
Balti Mare

Art, Beauty, Fashion & Fun by:

Molly McNulty
Katie Myers
Mobtown Magazine
NV Salon Collective
9th Life
Christopher King for Chained Desires
Theresa Keil Photography
Body and Face Painting by Nikki Berry
StillPointe Theater Initiative
Mieke Gentis

The Yellow Sign Theatre (The old Zodiac) & Club Charles
1726 N. Charles St.
Baltimore, MD 21201

Only $3 at the door!  



  • Jan Angevine

    I think you mean “acting as a rogue, (rather than “rouge”) off-shoot from Hampden’s First Friday.” Otherwise, I’m up for a chuck!