All photos courtesy Chris Hartlove

Aldo Pantoja, Jessica Garrett, Nathan Fulton, Alix Fenhagen


Single Carrot has done it again. This theater group is a testament to how the Baltimore Theater scene is flourishing with their latest production of Foot of Water, directed by Ben Hoover. Single Carrot is closing their 5th season with an original piece that’s infused with mythology, mystery and sex.

This production explores the rituals found in human sexuality with great sincerity and truth through movement and spoken word. The text was loosely inspired by Greek mythology and developed by the ensemble, then structured by company member Jessica Garrett and director Ben Hoover.

The ensemble includes Single Carrot veterans Nathan A. Cooper, Alix Fenhagen, Nathan Fulton, Jessica Garrett, Aldo Pantoja and Elliott Rauh. The cast literally scales the walls effortlessly throughout the show, which gets progressively wetter over the course of the hour. The movement based performance is demonstrative of intensive Grotowski style training they workshopped back in December.

Alix Fenhagen, Aldo Pantoja

The performance starts with the ensemble running through the space like an orgy of Pucks from Midsummer, swinging from all corners and splashing through an actual pool of water. The unique set has a functioning fountain, aptly designed by Ryan Dunne and Cat Yard. The excitement and frivolity associated with sex emanates throughout the room.

As the show progresses, the audience is taken on a journey that explores the spectrum of sexual experience. Each ensemble member captures the look of fear, of eagerness and also of obsession. The rawness in how everyone connected with each other on stage is impressive and sustains throughout the performance.

When there’s a play about sexuality, it takes a delicate touch to make sure its not cheap. Even with realistic sex sounds and nudity, Foot of Water is full of class, because its honest. The audience around me was glued to the edge of their seats because the cast is that engaging.

Nathan A. Cooper, Alix Fenhagen

Single Carrot has a knack for keeping things fresh, and their latest installment is no exception. And if a play about sex isn’t enough to get you excited, there’s a splash zone. So grab your slicker and check out Single Carrot’s 23rd show, Foot of Water.

Single Carrot is located in Load of Fun at 120 W. North Avenue between Maryland and Howard Streets. There is free parking in the rear of Single Carrot on Howard between North Avenue and 20th street.

June 6th-July 8th, 2012
Thursday-Saturday 7:30 pm
Sunday 2:30

Seating is General Admission.

Tickets can be purchased at or by calling the box office at 443-844-9253

Ticket Price: $10-$20